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SOLUTION 1 : (without temperature control unit)
  • - In this case you need a light actuator and a temperature probe.
  • - Then in the administration of MyOmBox
    • In the "MyHome" Menu then "Light. & Controllers "you must select in the column "Element type" the choice " Other controller " to differentiate this actuator and the light grid. Then click "Validate this configuration" to save.
    • Then in the "MyHome" menu then "Temperature sensor" you must save the BUS probe that will be linked to the actuator. Then click "Validate this configuration" to save.
    • Afterwards in the "MyHome" menu then "Heating via Box" you can link your temperature probe with your actuator previously set. Then finally, select an order. MyOmBox then checks every 5 minutes the order and compares it to the probe to enable or disable the relay. You can select "reverse order" if your actuator is connected to a pilot wire this will allow you to cut the relay to switch to Comfort mode and turn on it to enter the eco mode ...

SOLUTION 2 : (with temperature control unit)
  • - In this case you need all the Legrand thermoregulation system with Central 1, 4 or 99 areas, F430 ...
  • - The trick is to switch the central in "summer" mode in order to reverse the orders and use the relay to switch off the heating in comfort mode.
  • - MyOmBox then allows you to define the order away from each zone to the central 1 area and 99 areas. Caution, the central 4 areas does not allow to remotely configure a different temperature for each area. We recommend using the central 1 area (which also contains probe).
We invite you to follow our preliminary article in case of problems.
To see images from your IP cameras on MyOmBox interface, you must have Heden compatible camera or IP camera that has an URL (API) allowing you to take pictures of the camera. You will find further details in this article.
There are currently several solutions to connect to MyOmBox if the IP address of the customer changes .

You can :

Enable email notifications from MyOmBox in the administration on IP address change, in this case the client connection address will be sent to the mailbox of his smartphone to be able to remotely connect to his installation at each change of IP adress.
Using a service like which is free, but requires a parameterization of the box ADSL client to not receive mail reminder and keep a free service. You will find more informations at the end of this article.
  • - You must add the OpenWebNet AUX frames on your alarm, video example here.
  • - Then you can go into the MyOmBox administration, then "design mode", "scenario box" and add scenario.
  • - Once in the scenario of adding select the very bottom of the list "interact with" "OpenWebNet control" and enter the codes * 5 OpenWebNet previously had. To turn on/off your device.
The problem is the Legrand gateway which does not recover the data properly, there is a "solution" temporary, but unfortunately random...

  • - For consumption, consider making consume electricity by each circuit so that the system takes theme into account properly. If your devices do not consume electricity, the electricity-use records may not work well.
  • - You must download their software myhome suite
  • - You must install it
  • - Then you must do like on the demo video here
  • - You will notice that at the end of the video it does not work, because I got an error message "installation is disconnected." You must redo "send configuration" until it works without error.
  • - Once the configuration sent without error message, you have to wait 2 or 3 minutes. Then try to reload the MyOmBox configuration.
  • - If that does not work try to redo handling.
Your gate or door must be connected to a light actuator and it must be configured in MyOmBox. Then simply go to the "creation mode" of MyOmBox then "scenario". Next select your actuator and, in the action to perform, choose turn on for 0.5s. It works this way in most cases.